JDJ in the News


  • "The program features lectures about the historical and cultural influences of Latin percussion, American jazz, R&B and rock music, as well as drum circles where both beginner and experienced drummers can learn different rhythms and play together."

    - by Southeast Queens Press

  • "They bring instruments, genuine and improvised, to give people who attend their lessons hand-on experience. And Sriken said their demonstrations are more than just an afternoon of lessons and entertainment. “Children who learn music do better socially,” she said. “They benefit neurologically. It’s more than just fun.” They have been able to bring in friends who are talented and even professional musicians to work with children and adults in settings such as libraries to bring their mission to more and more people. "

    - by Queens Chronicle

Interview with on Table for Four with Judy San Roman Halloween 2015

Jamaica Drum Jam interview on Have Groove Will Travel with Lane Stowe January 20, 2014 .

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